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you're missing teeth or need to have one or more teeth removed Todd Gurley II Rams Jersey , you may be thinking about finding the right way to replace them. Old-fashioned bridgework and dentures usually come to mind, but they're not the only option.

Dental implants can be the best choice for replacing lost teeth. Unlike removable false teeth, dental implants are permanently attached to the jawbone and support natural-looking crowns or artificial teeth.

The art of creating and inserting dental implants goes all the way back to the ancient Mayans. A skull dating back to 600 AD was found with shells implanted in a jawbone found in Honduras. After a series of X-Rays of the mandible were taken, it was apparent that the jawbone had healed and compacted around these shells.

Modern dental implants use titanium screws (which are sometimes roughened to allow the bone to better fuse with the implant). Over time, the implant undergoes osseointegration - becomes permanently attached to the jaw by bone growth.

You may be wondering if this procedure is right for you. The main factor in successful dental implantation is good oral care. Regular brushing and flossing of the teeth is vital. The main reason for implant failure is poor oral health care by the patient. Smoking can also cause implant failure - yet another good reason to quit, if you smoke.

The process begins with a visit with a dental professional who can perform this procedure. A careful examination of the mouth and gums Aaron Donald Rams Jersey , along with X-Rays (and perhaps a CAT scan) of your jaw will start the process.

If you're a suitable candidate for the procedure, your dentist will explain the process to you, according to what's best for your particular needs. In some cases, an implant will be inserted and a temporary crown attached right away. For other patients, a period of healing may need to take place before a temporary crown is attached.

You'll need to eat soft food for the first week after the procedure. Regular flossing and brushing of your teeth will help prevent infection and allow your implant to fuse with the jawbone.

Once complete healing has been achieved, the permanent crown or artificial tooth (or teeth Eric Dickerson Rams Jersey , for those who need more than one replaced) will be attached. In most cases, dental implants can last for more than 40 years, if they're taken care of properly.
A frequent question for many patients is, "How much will this hurt?" Pain after the implantation procedure is usually minimal. Your dentist may prescribe pain relief medication for you.

Serious pain after receiving a dental implant is a red flag. Contact your dentist immediately if you're in too much pain. It could mean that the dental implant is pressing too hard on your jawbone, which your dentist can correct.

The big question for many patients is, "How much will this cost?" To get a fast Greg Gaines Youth Jersey , free quote from a Los Angeles Dental Implant professional, call Dr. Arthur Kezian at (323) 467-2777 during regular business hours. You'll be glad you did!
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