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Take your own path and let others say it! This famous saying is no longer our mantra. It also only represents the "post-80s" madness gradually disappeared. The "post-80s" wildness is replaced by the flaming flames of our "90s" burning, I wonder if it will be shouted by the "80s" endless sorrow. Vanity, strong vanity", a scholar screams out the nine-word rumor when answering questions from others asking why he has achieved such success. Right! Yes! We are for the vanity of "90s" And fighting. We pursue fashion, that is because we are the proudest of the world in the forefront, and we are guiding the trend. Our "Hajha Hanha trend" is because we are the contemporary wave. "Open the country, go to the world "This is what Grandpa Deng said. Of course, it is to be put into practice. "We have our own beliefs after the "90s", neither believe in God nor believe in Allah. We are confident that "my world is my master, my territory is me." "Speaking Marlboro Cigarettes." Zhang Meiling said in "The Spiritual Scavenger" that "we are the beasts of sheepskin after 90, and the kittens wearing tiger skins." We just don't need to thank people, and don't need to apologize for the 90s." Yes, the Sui and Tang in our hearts, let parents and friends open their eyes. The whole day of game life Marlboro Lights, the panda eyes of the online world, let the father and mother grandparents both Exclaiming their spoofs and disobedience, they are also convinced by our unyielding and persistent. They don't understand the life style and study habits of "you are crazy, I am more arrogant, you are weaker, I am stronger". We are not not Hard work, we also rushed to the early morning in the morning car, but the reason we were dismissed by others is that we are in love with the digital password and the symbol of cute Amoy. So, "90 after" is angry, Mars text has been born since then, publicized learning and Life. The rate, "post-90s" is the rate. The chemical that exploded at that point was thrown away by the "80s", causing the "90s" to be chased as a arsonist when not careful. In fact, all this is just In our lives, we only admire �C non-mainstream. We run counter to the times because we believe that the earth is round. Who says that the ��post-80s�� cynicism makes them publicize After disappearing. When we heard someone talking about the star we like, we are comforting ourselves: "You are a group of vulgar people, we like their spiritual charm, you only pursue their appearance. In this way, we are taking the "Conquest" in the forefront of the times, free and easy to suffocate. In the face of the disdain of others, our beliefs in our hearts stand out: we are non-mainstream and the darling of the new era. Then Newport Cigarettes, head high, step forward, and look at Mao��s eight-character rumor: study hard, go up every day. It is even more arrogant. Yes, we must fight under the care of the party. Struggling in the face of adversity, bravely marching forward in the storm.
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