iate the beauty and tranquility of this world.

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During the semester teaching "Helen Keller" Wholesale Cigarettes, I recommended Helen's work "If I Give Three Days of Light" to my students. Fortunately, I once again felt the charm of Helen's personality and soul with the students. The eyes, the windows of the human soul; the ears, the warehouse where humans receive information; the mouth, the portal to their own voices. When one loses them Marlboro Red, it is impossible to imagine how to live. However, there was such a little girl, her name was Helen Keller, a deaf and dumb girl. Her vision was not as good as the day after she was born. Later, she became seriously ill. Shortly after her illness, when she opened her eyes, she noticed that she could see nothing and lost her hearing. Big. Since then she has lived in this bleak world. Although Helen Keller lost her sight and hearing, she was only sad for a moment. Although she was sometimes extremely disheartened and exuded this emotion, she did not reduce her confidence in life, just like the Roman motto: "Expulsion from Rome is just living outside Rome That's it. "With the goal, she worked hard to fight for it. In the end, Huang Tian lived up to her, and she finally attended Harvard University with her own efforts and graduated successfully. This miracle is created by an unyielding heart. She accepted the challenge of the sick Parliament Cigarettes, and faced difficulties with amazing perseverance, and finally found the bright side of life in the dark! Helen Keller said: "Her body is not free, but her heart is free." She regards the light seen by others 'eyes as her sun, the music heard by others as her own music, and the corners of others' lips Smile moves her joy. Because of this, she created an indomitable heart. "If You Give Me Three Days of Light" is a touching essay written by deaf and blind Helen Keller. She can say that she never knew the colors of the world, the beauty of the world. But if she has three days of light, she will not complain about the injustice of life, but instead, she will make good use of the three days of light to witness the world's style. What a small wish in our eyes? No one cares about this world. People live in such a complicated world every day, but who will deliberately appreciate it? Everything in the world is not just a background, a background left unattended. People will never cherish it, care for it, until they are about to leave the world before dying, they will not think of looking at it in a hurry and savoring it, but it is too late. People are like this, they do n��t know what they appreciate, but they pursue what they do n��t. Once you lose something, people will nod to it, and when you get sick, you will think of healthy happiness and preciousness. Those who are mediocre and full of life only want to pursue money and enjoyment. Why did they think that when they left this world, they could not appreciate the beauty and tranquility of this world. Only people like Helen can truly feel the beauty of the world. May her wish come true. Healthy people, satisfy everything now. God is fair to you. Put aside everything you are in, all unrealistic thoughts, feel the world with your heart, and love the world. A philosopher once said "Be brave in your soul, not a strong body." This is a true portrayal of Helen. With a strong heart, Helen finally rose in adversity.
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