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New Delhi: Our Sainiks stay miles away from their homely abode for the safety and security of the citizens of our nation. They face the ache and hurt of staying alone, far from their family and loved ones. Like every other civilian they also dream to build a lovely home for themselves when they come out of the service. For this, they give their blood and soul to amass the huge sum to purchase a desired inhabitant for themselves where they can stay in peace with their family and friends. Now, a Delhi based non-governmental organization, Sainik Welfare Organization-India Ryan Hartman Youth Jersey , has taken it upon itself to build this dream home for our sainiks and at a price where they don’t have to think of long years of investments.
SWO-India began with the objective of providing low-priced plots, apartments, farm houses to all segments of the state uniformed personnel, serving and retired from defence, paramilitary and central governmental security personnel Brandon Saad Youth Jersey , their widows and dependants. The plots or apartments to be provided will be at a price 15-25% lesser than the market rate. all projects are developed under the vedic vastu and indian horoscope. The best part is, in selecting cities and towns for their projects they kept in mind the special preference of the soldiers for whom they stand, and hence conducted a Location Demand Survey (LDS). In Location Demand Survey the recommendation and suggestions of the eligible beneficiaries (in details on website) have been collected through mails, SMSs and telecalling. At these locations the organization has offered plots of sizes: 140, 200 and 300 sq yards Artem Anisimov Youth Jersey , apartments and farm houses.
Some of the enlisted locations are Jaipur, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai Richard Panik Youth Jersey , Pune, Rewari, Lucknow, Mohali, Meerut Alex DeBrincat Youth Jersey , Dera Bassi and Agra. The Survey, completed in June 2009 expressed clearly a marked preference for the metro cities as the choice of residence for the defence personnel.
Besides the cut in cost, the organization offers 2% discount for LDS registrants plus an additional incentive for the gallantry award winners. Ashok Chakra awardees will be given free plots, whereas winners of Kirti and Shourya Chakra will get plots at 50 per cent discount. Applicants are to make easy payment in interest free installments. All forms of loan guidance will be provided by the organization.
Col Rakesh Rana, the Chairman of SWO-India commented Brent Seabrook Youth Jersey , “SWO-India is a welfare organization for the Sainiks of India, we stand to give them the best housing facilities at the most affordable price at no loss-no profit basis with educational training, under which we will offer them short term diploma courses . We have inaugurated our first Jaipur project recently at the prime location of Dighi-Malpura Road. After this a series of projects are coming up in towns which have received maximum application. I am gratified to receive a heart-warming response from our uniformed brothers.”

The theme of arrogance is a major theme in the Iliad. While the main theme is widely recognized as 鈥渢he wrath of Achilleus鈥?it is clear that this wrath stems from Achilleus鈥?arrogance. The Greek term hubris means arrogance in the form of exaggerated self-confidence or self-pride. It is thinking highly of oneself and acting like others should think the same. Achilleus and Agamemnon are guilty of hubris in the Iliad. The argument that explodes between the two over Briseis is an example of hubris. Agamemnon feels that he should have the best prize since he is the great king of the war fleet. At what time Chriseis is taken from him to appease Apollo and Chryse, he demands that for Achilr bride to compensate his loss. This is an amazing amount of arrogance on Agamemmand. He sulks at his own ships and begs his goddess mother to punish Agamemnon for the dishonor of her son and rash behavior. He insists that he would no longer fight with Achaians due to his dishonor. It would not be possible to discuss arrogance without referring to characters such as Achilleus and Agamemnon who reveal the full extent arrogance.
In the world of the Iliad, arrogance is the major factor that drives action. Hubris drives Greece to go to war with Rome. Hubris also causes the gods to disagreement on their decisions during the times of war. Zeus causes numerous disputes with Hera ov

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